Lindsey's Place Camp
Lindsey's Story

Our campers are our superheroes!

While many of us keep treasured memories of fun and friendship from the camps of our childhood, for children with special needs of the south it has long been a world closed to them.​​​​

Now there is Lindsey’s Place. A center for children and young adults with special needs to enjoy the same resources and experiences we all take for granted, and yet hold so dear in our hearts. Its namesake is Lindsey Hart, a girl who was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that means she is completely dependent on others for all of her feeding, toileting and bathing needs.

As a child Lindsey would make the long journey north every summer from her home in Savannah, Georgia to New York to one of the only camps in the nation that could care for her physical needs. The appreciation she showed to everyone who spent time with her and the happiness she created inspired the need for a new camp in the south; one that would allow all children with special needs the opportunity to spend time in a place where their needs can be met and they can get on with just being a kid!

Although Lindsey is now an adult, she remains the motivation behind the organization. A place where individuals with special needs can gain new confidence and return home with wonderful memories of fun and new friendships. A place where they can have first experiences of leadership and competition. A place where fun is the goal and everyone is equal. A place where special needs can be met with dignity; Lindsey’s Place.
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